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The Correct

"In a world awash with magic—both beneficial and foul—and seemingly ruled by the whims of powers beyond the pale, some cults defy these explanations of the universe. Some believe that people, be they mortals, gods, or even demons, are subject to an even greater truth.

Known by many names—the Samaian Cult, the White and Silent Monks, or the Strangers—the followers of the philosopher Sama call themselves the Correct. Often they are mistaken as some wandering monastic order devoted to the New God with interest in unlocking holy truths through mathematical mysticism and astrology, but this is not the case. The Correct believe that all gods are a sham—nothing more than a miscalculation of the valid laws of the universe dictated by sacred geometries and esoteric arithmetic. While such strange beliefs tend to ruffle the feathers of the devout wherever the cult wanders, the Correct are often protected—at least at first—by more progressive minds who dwell in the places they wander. Strange beliefs and customs aside, it’s clear to educated minds that the Correct harbor a vast store of sophisticated and useful knowledge of mathematics, music, and natural philosophy, and inquiring minds often desire such expertise as their own.

But in the end, something always goes a bit sideways, as, beyond the benefits that the Correct might provide, there is something deeper and more sinister hidden behind their strange equations and odd practices. There is something murderous and foul."

I painted this illustration using Krita for the ttrpg Shadow of the Demon Lord. A procession of the cultists called The Correct.
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Shadow of the Demon Lord is a rpg where no matter what you do the world is ending. It might be postponed but it is coming in different ways depending on how the game is organized.

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