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Stealth (2018)

I made this inspired by a course on composition.

It really got me motivated in a way that I want to do a lot of pictures, I have a lot of sketches and ideas, two of then are nearly done, there's some pics of them on my instagram here:

My goals are that I'm trying that every picture has some storytelling, and try to go nearer to realism for now on with lighting an proportions.

I always enjoy playing barbarian characters in videogames, and I am a fan of good old ‎Robert E. Howard stories. They are fun to draw and great to practice anatomy!

I will continue to bring you more of this pieces in the following weeks. I have planned to do at least 3 more and then we'll see. I am very slow doing them because every day I spend a substancial amount of my time working at Blasphemous, but I try to do something every day even if it is a tiny bit.